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New Lines

Here are the very latest new lines here at M.J. Bakers Foodservice Ltd. To have any these products on your next order, simply order online here or contact us.

  • 1

    BD Compote 1.25kg

    1 x 4

    High fruit content compote, perfect for adding to yoghurts, ice creams and desserts.

    330536 Peach & Maple
    330534 Red Berry
    330532 Black Cherry

  • 1

    Nutella Catering Pack 3kg

    1 x 2

    Nutella is a chocolate and hazelnut spread.


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    Dr Schar G/F Hamburger Buns 300g

    4 x 4

    The American classic, Source of fibre, Gluten, wheat and lactose free, Suitable for vegans.


  • 1

    Eat Natural Bars 45g

    1 x 12

    lovingly made with delicious bits and bobs

    270484 Yoghurt Coated Almond & Apricot
    270486 Apple Ginger & Dark Chocolate

  • 1

    Kallo Chocolate Rice Cake Thins 22.5g

    1 x 21

    Made with Belgium dark chocolate on a delicious wholegrain rice thin.

    541010 Milk
    541007 Dark

  • 1

    Kallo Salt & Vinegar Mini Rice & Corn Cake 25g

    1 x 12

    They'll put the olé in your guacamole! And they're a glorious solution for all sorts of on-the-go snacking dilemmas.


  • 1


    4 x 125

    Our clamshell box is made from an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene. The round plates are disposable, compostable & biodegradable.

    630407 6" Burger Box
    690319 9" Round Plate

  • 1

    Wrights Fruit Topped Dinky Pork Pies 95g

    1 x 24

    Delicious seasoned pork in hot water pastry bake, topped with juicy Bramley apples x 12 & Cranberries x 12.


  • 1

    Majestic Mint Chocolate Slice p/c

    1 x 15ptn

    A chocolate crisp and mint biscuit base with a layer of green buttercream, topped with dark chocolate and finished with mint sugar sprinkles.


  • 1

    Delux Honeycombe Slice

    1 x 15ptn

    A layer of orange butter cream sandwiched between a crispy chocolate honeycomb base and a layer of milk chocolate. Topped with a sprinkle of honeycomb pieces.


  • 1

    Raw Red Velvet Prawns

    10 x 500g

    Succulent Prawns Coated in a beetroot flavoured panko crumb.


  • 1

    Mini Bruschetta Selection 38g

    1 x 72

    18 x Spinach with feta cheese, 18 x spinach and diced tomatoes, 18 x Salami with cheese, 18 x salami and diced bell pepper & Pomodori with cheese and diced tomatoes.


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