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Dietary Products

Some suggested products for those with special dietary needs.  Please note: the products on this list have come from our suppliers and are a guide only. M.J. Baker Foodservice Limited accept no responsibility for the ingredients of any of the products on this list. Please contact the supplier direct for more information.

  • 1

    Lion Vegan Mayonnaise

    A thick smooth textured vegan mayonnaise. Great for Vegans and omnivores alike!

    6 x 1ltr
    Code: 430475

  • 1

    Cajun Spiced Sweet Potato Roulade 155g

    Gluten free and vegan, portioned for great cost control.

    1 x 16ptn
    Code: 821621

  • 1

    Linda McCartney's Vegan Vegetarian Sausages approx 50g

    Also Lactose Free, and yet still taste great!

    Code: 843463

  • 1

    Rosie & Jim Breaded Chicken Goujons 35-45g

    Perfect for Coeliacs and also Lactose Free.

    6 x 1kg
    Code: 847310

  • 1

    Mozzarella Style Vegan Cheese

    Also Lactose Free, made from germinated whole rice. How do they do it?

    4 x 500g
    Code: 030323

  • 1

    Greens Moroccan Style Quinoa & Chic Pea

    Gluten Free & Vegan. A great versatile product!

    8 x 1.25kg
    Code: 800110

  • 1

    Scheff Keralan Cauliflower & Red Pepper Curry 340g

    A Fantastic Curry that's suitable for Vegans, Coeliacs and also Lactose Free.

    1 x 12
    Code: 864520

  • 1

    Love Smoothie Coco Loco Smoothie Pouch 140g

    Perfect for smoothie lovers - even better as vegan, Lactose Free and suitable for Coeliacs!

    1 x 30
    Code: 801160

  • 1

    Pip Organic Cloudy Apple Juice Carton 180ml

    100% pressed Organic apple juice with no added sugar - Vegan, Lactose Free and suitable for Coeliacs!

    1 x 24
    Code: 524550

  • 1

    Pip Organic Berry Fruity Ice Squeezer 105ml

    No nasties! great for kids and adults alike - Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free.

    1 x 24
    Code: 891883

  • 1

    Kara Brioche Style Vegan Burger Bun 4.5in

    Vegan & Dairy Free. Great with your favourite burger!

    1 x 48
    Code: 823214

  • 1

    Vegan Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    No promises that it's low sugar, but a delicious treat suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs alike also Lactose Free.

    2 x 5ltr
    Code: 890870

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