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Clearance List 20th April 2018

Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Short Dated And Slow Moving
090206Sliced Beef (12/14) B.B.B1 x 500g1124/04/18£4.49N/A
990306Sliced Turkey (5/6)1 x 250g724/04/18£2.19N/A
120212Stapleton Mixed Light Yoghurt 120g 1 x 12325/04/18£2.99N/A
030308Edam Wedge*1 x 200g625/04/18£1.39N/A
Ambient Short Dated & Delisted
523558McVities Digestive Milk Choc Nibbles 37g * 1 x 20928/04/18£5.99N/A
540230G.Wonder Chippies Ready Salted 45g * 1 x 24328/04/18£9.99N/A
570320M.Walker G/F Catering Xmas Puddings 100g * 1 x 242430/04/18£12.99N/A
570314M.Walker Alcohol Free Catering Loaf * 6 x 1.25kg22c 5u30/04/18£14.99£3.17
520836Lilt C/tour Bottles 500ml (GB) 1 x 12530/04/18£6.99N/A
520940Lilt Z Cans 330ml1 x 24330/04/18£9.19N/A
916164Major Mango Fruit Base2 x 500g130/04/18£13.99N/A
530210Plain Bounty 57g1 x 24606/05/18£10.99N/A
220226Pruve Small Profiteroles 45mm 1 x 250316/05/18£10.99N/A
540235G.Wonder Chippies Salt & Vin 45g * 1 x 24426/05/18£10.99N/A
540240G.Wonder Chippies Chip Shop Curry 45g * 1 x 24226/05/18£10.99N/A
997746Kinder Happy Hippo Choco 20g 1 x 28629/05/18£10.50N/A
520962Fanta Orange Zero Cans 330ml (GB) 1 x 24531/05/18£9.49N/A
361125McD Beef Suet Pastry Mix S/A 4 x 3.5kg1c 1u31/05/18£27.99£6.99
524713O.Spray Cranberry&Raspb Juice Drink 12 x 1ltr8u31/05/18£12.60£1.05
272903Nairn's G/F Oats & Fruit Biscuits Triple Pack * 6 x 123u31/05/18£19.49£3.25
Ambient Slow Moving & Delisted
430220Hellmanns Classic Vin Crmy Dressing S/A 6 x 1ltr1u03/06/18£17.99£2.99
990785Major Pan Asian Vegetable Broth Base Paste G/F* 2 x 1kg122/06/18£24.59N/A
541600P.State Sour Crm&Chive Pretzels 30g * 1 x 33430/06/18£12.99N/A
541605P.State Orig Sea Salt Pretzels 30g* 1 x 33530/06/18£12.99N/A
525110Sunpride Grapefruit Juice BBB * 12 x 1ltr1u30/06/18N/A£0.50
080375Prep Prem Firehouse Oil *6 x 1ltr8c 1u31/08/18£16.20£2.70
080385Prep Prem Oriental Flame Oil * 6 x 1ltr3c 4u31/08/18£16.20£2.70
525116Sunpride Tomato Juice BBB * 12 x 1ltr2u30/11/18£6.00£0.50
272530Caterlink Twin Cones *1 x 192131/01/19£8.79N/A
212800Twinings Simply Sencha Pyramid Teabags* 4 x 201u31/01/19£17.10£4.28
212510Twinings F/T Jackson Env Teabags * 6 x 50s2c 2u08/01/19£17.60£2.93
212530Twin Trad English S&Tag Teabags * 5 x 1002c 3u19/05/19£29.99£5.99
525580Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water 750ml 1 x 12601/07/19£7.50N/A
210149Kenco Millicano Coffee Tin * 6 x 500g128/07/19£111.29£18.55
955552Clip Org F/T Inst Decaff Coffee Sticks 2g 1 x 500130/07/20£44.59N/A
563605Scavi & Ray Prosecco Piccolo 20cl * 1 x 241N/A£53.99N/A
561325Scavi&Ray Demi-Sec Vino Ice Prestige 75cl * 6 x 75cl4uN/A£67.50£11.25
561315Scavi&Ray Prosecco Ex Dry Bianco Spumente (Gold) * 6 x 75cl1c 5uN/A£72.99£12.16
563400Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Wine * 6 x 75cl1c 2uN/A£47.65£7.94
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
842804Paragon 6oz Gourmet Burger 170g 90% * 1x301519/04/18£9.99N/A
822540Bagel Nash Cinnamon&Raisin Bagel 115g F/B S/A * 1 x 48526/04/18£15.20N/A
876013Sidoli Ruffled By Cran & Rasp P/C* 1 x 14ptn230/04/18£10.49N/A
818561C.Seas Peeled Prawns 300-500 (NT 165g) * 32 x 300gm1c 6u30/04/18£54.99£1.72
861595Lamb Shank Red Wine & Rosemary 400g 1 x 4330/04/18£12.79N/A
816525Whitby Creel Prawns Brd Hot & Spicy * 5 x 450g1c 4u31/04/18£22.50£4.50
837337PLane Steak & Ale Pie 227g U/B * 1 x 18310/05/18£19.99N/A
852362Scheff Mozz & Sun Dr Tom Parcel 30g 1 x 25510/05/18£8.89N/A
835990Mini Black Forests T&S10 x 481c 3u11/05/18£175.99£17.60
84848112in Wholemeal Deep Pan Pizza Base 10 x 11012/05/18£10.69N/A
843134Fry's All Veg Polony Slicing Sausage 500g 1 x 10324/05/18£23.69N/A
891843Cool Belgium Classique Vanilla Cone 120ml 1 x 244531/05/18£7.49N/A
822005Pnsc Baked White Half Baguette 120g 27cm 1 x 267631/05/18£5.99N/A
871030Fairway Ind Strawberry Jam Pudding 1 x 12731/05/18£6.59N/A
858470McCain Chse&Tom Pizza9.5x6.5in 500g 1 x 12131/05/18£20.89N/A
891795Walls Magnum Double Peanut Butter 88ml * 1 x 20131/05/18£21.60N/A
891899Mondelez Oreo Cookie Stick 100ml * 1 x 20330/06/18£16.50N/A
836004Sm Salmon&Crm Cheese Mini Bagel 22g T&S 10 x 454c 5u30/06/18£213.39£21.34
836021Chicken Tikka Skewers 35g1 x 601519/07/18£15.79N/A
837700P'house Quiche Lorraine Pick Ups * 6 x 24ptn1u02/08/18£29.60£4.93
844020Turkey Paupiette Cran & Apricot Stuffing 210g * 1 x 12119/09/18£24.10N/A
839045P.Corn Lamb & Mint Pasty U/B 283g * 1 x 20709/11/18£23.90N/A
833525Tipiak Choux Surprises *1 x 32124/01/19£13.40N/A
833535Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canape * 1 x 63207/02/19£23.80N/A
890875Gelato Gold Winter Spiced Fruit Ice Cream G/F * 2 x 5ltr328/02/19£17.80£8.90
815505Whitby Sea Salt & Crack Pepper W/T Br Scampi * 10 x 450g8c 6u28/02/19£51.10£5.11
816548Coconut Coated Skewered Prawns * 10 x 500g9u28/02/19£69.30£6.93
890862Country Dairy Rum & Raisin Ice Cream * 1 x 4ltr930/05/19£6.99N/A
833530Tipiak Parisian Bistro Canape * 1 x 35307/06/19£18.95N/A
843409Healthy Option Pork Sausages 16s S/A G/F * 1 x 2.27kg2904/10/19£8.49N/A
892500Fairway Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream G/F * 6 x 4ltr1c 4u03/01/20£37.10£6.19
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
671140Dunilin Kiwi Napkins 40cm*12 x 506c 3uN/A£58.90£4.91
976145Dunilin Napkins Snowland 40x40 5 x 501N/A£35.00N/A
570898Dunicel Winter Charme Cream Slip Cover 84cm 5 x 201N/A£76.00£15.20
976146Dunicel Tete A Tete Snowland 0.4x24 4 x 11N/A£42.50N/A
970721Duni Napkins Festive Charme Red 40/3 4 x 2503c 2uN/A£55.00N/A
958668Duni Glittering Star Napkin 40/3 * 4 x 2501N/A£27.80£6.95
570879Duni Stella Green Napkin 33/2 * 16 x 12516c 11uN/A£46.95£2.93
915664Dunisoft Plum Napkins 40cm12 x 602N/A£59.00N/A
670263D'silk Plus T/Cover 120cm DkGreen* 1 x 501N/A£50.99N/A
671173Lotus Mini JustOne T/top Nap 8x24cm* 1 x 80002N/A£19.50N/A
671157Swansoft Napkins Mountain Pine 40cm* 10 x 508uN/A£32.60£3.26
690240Plastico Sunlite Black Knife* 1 x 10001N/A£13.99N/A
700132Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser Black* 15N/A£17.50N/A
690246Plastico Sunlite Black Dessert Spoon* 1 x 10001N/A£13.15N/A
977888Tork Linstyle White Cutlery Bag Napkin 4 x 603N/A£30.35N/A
631425Colour In Sheet & Crayons*1 x 1006N/A£21.60N/A
630405Kraft Sandwich Wedge*1 x 5004N/A£40.20N/A
987541Dispo Bagasse Lunch Box 9x6" 2 x 1252N/A£23.89N/A
700320Lotus/Tork Centre Feed Wipe 2ply 157m * 1 x 619N/A£13.95N/A
700812Bio Tech Recycled Conv Toilet Roll * 1 x 642N/A£9.60N/A
700171EnMotion 2ply White Hand Towel * 1 x 63N/A£38.00N/A
631300Easi Plaster Purple 6cmx5m * 1 x 3roll21N/A£14.29N/A
631310First Aid Kit BS8599 Catering Small * 10 x 16uN/A£118.39£11.84
631315First Aid Kit BS8599 Catering Medium * 10 x 15uN/A£156.50£15.65
641035GreenBlue Dtgt Fliptop Bottle 500ml * 16N/A£1.00N/A
900425Ecolab Allguard 10 Bottles * 1 x 12 1N/A£12.99£1.08
900440Ecolab Freshcare 56 Bottles * 1 x 121N/A£12.99£1.08
900365Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Premium Bottles* 1 x 1211uN/A£9.40£0.78
900570Ecolab Des Special Bottle 650ml* 1 x 121N/A£11.00£0.92
900650Ecolab Brial Maxx 2 Bottles* 111N/A£2.20N/A
900655Ecolab Maxx Into Bottles*111N/A£2.20N/A
900240Ecolab Blue Flip Top Caps1 x 122N/A£2.50£0.21
900210Ecolab Oasis Pro 14 Premium Bottles* 1 x 128uN/A£9.00£0.75
900250Ecolab Foaming Trigger - Red* 1 x 1210N/A£4.90£0.41
710242Katrin Soap Disp White 1000ml * 1 x 1disp10N/A£11.19N/A
710244Katrin Soap Disp Black 1000ml * 1 x 1disp5N/A£11.19N/A
900115Ecolab Topmatic Crystal GB Special Glasswash* 4 x 5ltr3uN/A£72.00£18.00
900120Ecolab Toprinse Crystal Rins Aditiv * 4 x 5ltr3uN/A£58.80£14.70
900545Ecolab KitchenPro Manual *2 x 2ltr2N/A£51.00£25.50
900375Ecolab Oasis Pro 56 Premium Deodour Floral Fresh * 2 x 2ltr1N/A£121.00£60.50
650305# Ecolab Oasis Pro 16 Prem MP Clnr* 2 x 2ltr2N/A£85.75£42.88
900285# Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Prem Glas Cln 2 x 2ltr1N/A£92.55£46.28
640313Ecolab Apex Manual Solid Detergent 1.36kg* 1 x 22N/A£71.85N/A
900175# Ecolab Mould Ex Mould Stain Remov* 4 x 1ltr1uN/A£24.70£6.18
900145# Ecolab Mikro Chlor Shakers Sanitr* 12 x 500g1c 9uN/A£26.90£2.24
900170Ecolab Copper Shine Special Polish* 6 x 500ml1N/A£21.90£3.65
900600Ecolab Turbo Usona*1 x 20kg1N/A£42.70N/A
900635Ecolab Eco-Bac Wipes (200s)* 1 x 62N/A£52.20N/A
900605Ecolab Turbi Saprit Style*1 x 20kg1N/A£58.99N/A
900405Ecolab Freshcare 56 *4 x 1ltr3uN/A£105.50£26.38
900415Ecolab Bathcare 60 *4 x 1ltr3uN/A£83.50£20.88
900500# Ecolab Lime Away Special * 4 x 1ltr3N/A£50.00£12.50
900540Ecolab Solid Clear Dry Clean * 2 x 1kg1N/A£137.00£68.50
900515Ecolab Helios Brill Cream Cleaner 500ml * 1 x 61N/A£27.99N/A
900325# Ecolab Greasestrip Plus Gel Degrs* 3 x 1.3ltr1c 1uN/A£37.25£12.42
900290Ecolab Oasis Pro 59 Premium Deodour * 2 x 2ltr1N/A£99.50£49.75
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid* 4 x 5ltr2N/A£22.20£5.55
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance* 4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.58£9.65
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr* 4 x 2ltr3N/A£38.20£9.55
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con* 4 x 2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.60£8.90
652610K.Master Reload No5 All Purp Disinf* 4 x 2ltr1uN/A£38.80£9.70
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance* 4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.60£9.65
650840Brite W/Room Clean & Sanit Sp Breeze* 2 x 5ltr3N/A£4.40£2.20
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender* 2 x 5ltr20c 1uN/A£15.99£8.00
652335Brite Stainless Steel Clean Trigger* 6 x 750ml5uN/A£3.99£0.67
652515Brite Sink&Drain Unblocker w/ Lem Fresh Gel 2 x 5ltr1uN/A£6.50£3.25
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2 x 2.5ltr1N/A£41.80£20.90
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2 x 2.5ltr4N/A£65.00£32.50
983577Steradent Tablets Fresh (30 Tabs) * 1 x 122N/A£12.43N/A
651315Cif Power Cleaner Degreaser* 6 x 750ml3c 4uN/A£11.62£1.98
650345Magic Dash Hard Surf Cleaner RTU Perfumed* 6 x 750ml8c 3uN/A£10.00£1.67
650515Cif 2in1 Cleaner Disinfectant* 2 x 5ltr9N/A£18.00£9.00
651314Cif Power Cleaner Degreaser* 2 x 5ltr1N/A£11.40£5.70
710515Gentelle Bath Foam Ocean Spray * 6 x 1ltr3uN/A£4.50£0.75
650155Merlin Jade Antibacterial Air Frsh * 6 x 1ltr4uN/A£8.60£1.43
650609Dettol Prof Surface Cleanser * 8 x 2ltr2c 7uN/A£30.00£3.75
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716* 1 x 61N/A£30.29N/A
660435Ariel Bio Actilift Wash Pwdr 82wash* 1 x 5.52kg6N/A£20.49N/A
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6 x 2ltr4N/A£63.49N/A

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