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Clearance List 21st February 2020

Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
130112Chefs Brigade Houmous G/F1 x 2kg124/02/20£4.75N/A
010700Premium Coleslaw1 x 2kg526/02/20£2.99N/A
030227BV Mascarpone1 x 2kg1428/02/20£5.25N/A
010655QFill Cheese & Spring Onion Filling S/A G/F6 x 1kg1c 3u28/02/20£34.14£5.69
130185Basil & Garlic Snack Pack Olives 60g4 x 121c 1u29/02/20£37.96£9.49
Ambient Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
430480Heinz SG Prof Mayonnaise1 x 10ltr228/02/20£18.99N/A
270490Eat Natural Chocolate Chunk Peanut & Seed Bar 45g*1 x 12629/02/20£6.70N/A
300707Knorr RTU Arrabbiata Sauce G/F S/A*2 x 2.2ltr529/02/20£8.99£4.50
523550Ribena Blackcurrant PET 500ml1 X 125829/02/20£7.99N/A
522595St Clements Apple & Pear Glass Bottle 500ml1 x 81929/02/20£5.99N/A
360925McD Scone Mix S/A4 x 3.5kg1c 2u29/02/20£19.00£4.75
500495D/S G/F Panini Rolls 225g (3) S/A1 x 6403/03/20£11.15N/A
271116Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese Minipack1 x 120207/03/20£13.99N/A
500500Schar G/F White Ciabatta Rolls 200g (4rolls)1 x 6712/03/20£9.99N/A
270525Crawfords Jam Rings Biscuits1 x 2.5kg714/03/20£7.99N/A
272775Devonvale Cookie Cranberry White Chocolate & Oat1 x 20820/03/20£7.40N/A
540220Golden Wonder Cheese & Onion 32.5g Crisps1 x 48121/03/20£13.99N/A
311115U.Bens RTU Madras Sauce G/F S/A*2 x 2.27kg24c 1u22/03/20£10.99£5.50
171507Tiger Tiger Whole Water Chestnuts12 x 227g1c 10u31/03/20£7.08£0.59
270486Eat Natural Apple Ginger & Dark Chocolate Bar 45g1 x 12531/03/20£6.90N/A
331310Wellcare Strawberry Dessert Reduced Sugar4 x 1kg931/03/20£22.99£5.75
300512Maggi Demi Glace Mix2 x 1.52kg5331/03/20£24.99£12.50
481150McD Thick Chicken Soup B.B.B S/A6 x 25ptn3u31/03/20£11.94£1.99
210100Cafe Express F/T Hot Chocolate1 x 1001331/03/20£13.99N/A
300709Knorr RTU Bolognese Sauce G/F S/A2 x 2.2ltr231/03/20£12.99£6.50
526500San Pellegrino Lemon & Mint Can 330ml1 x 24831/03/20£9.49N/A
441315Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce*6 x 875ml1c 4u31/03/20£11.94£1.99
280201Quaker Express Pots Golden Syrup 57g1 x 8218/04/20£6.25N/A
272723Devonvale Clotted Cream Flapjack1 x 24120/04/20£8.85N/A
070347Millac Maid Half Fat Milk Portions1 x 1201321/04/20£4.40N/A
270315Carrs Table Water Small Biscuits 125g1 x 12325/04/20£11.99N/A
570320M.Walker G/F Mini Xmas Puddings 100g1 x 241730/04/20£40.99N/A
522586Cornish Orchards Sparkling Apple 250ml*1 x 241130/04/20£16.99N/A
993647Soft Drinks Various Cans 330ml1 x 24630/04/20£3.99N/A
240617Fruitypot Pineapple 113g S/A1 x 183831/05/20£5.99N/A
280713Nestle Gluten Free Corn Flakes 500g1 x 7231/05/20£13.99N/A
310601Reggae Reggae Jerk BBQ Sauce4 x 1ltr13c 1u31/05/20£13.99£3.49
441310Heinz Sticky Korean BBQ Sauce*6 x 875ml2c 2u31/05/20£11.94£1.99
523905Frobishers Smoothie Fruity Beets 250ml*1 x 12431/05/20£9.99N/A
490441Bisto Turkey Gravy Granules S/A1 x 25ltr3531/05/20£8.25N/A
218312Cafe Express Espresso Beans6 x 1kg10c 1u30/07/20£44.99£7.49
522598St Clements Raspberry&Blackberry Glass Bottle500ml1 x 82330/07/20£5.99N/A
526456Cawston Raspberry Water 250ml Cans*1 x 24131/08/20£12.99N/A
980435Triple Lion Chilli Powder Hot6 x 400g5u30/11/20£11.94£1.99
212850Tetley Variety Pack Teabags (25)*1 x 6431/06/21£8.99N/A
563505Scavi & Ray Rosato Piccolo 20cl *1 x 241N/A£53.99N/A
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
890666Gelato Uno Cotton Candy1 x 5ltr1129/02/20£9.99N/A
890672Gelato Uno Lemon Meringue1 x 5ltr629/02/20£9.99N/A
877092Kara Delux Honeycombe Slice P/C1 x 15ptn607/03/20£10.99N/A
331306Dr.Oetker Healthier Option Chocolate Delight6 x 680g3c 3u31/03/20£26.34£4.39
806550Lutosa Potato Swirls 40g G/F S/A4 x 2.5kg3u31/03/20£13.50N/A
842870Pm Crab & Lobster Burger 90g *1 x 24711/04/20£26.99N/A
823257Kara Italian Deli Roll 98g 6.5in vegan1 x 361115/04/20£7.75N/A
833030Bon V Mixed Box 2 Crolines 22g1 x 901826/04/20£16.99N/A
816550Raw Red Velvet Prawns 500g10 x 500g5c 9u30/04/20£78.90£7.89
837820G/F Roast Tomato&Smoked Cheese Tart 160g FWrap1 x 12501/05/20£17.99N/A
833511Tipiak Provencal Bistro Canapes1 x 63904/05/20£23.95N/A
822015Schul Petit Pain White 4in T&S 55g S/A1 x 70315/05/20£5.99N/A
842835FW 80% Beefburger 113g 4oz1 x 485419/05/20£15.99N/A
835996Tortilla Bites G/F P/B10 x 641c 7u19/05/20£139.99£13.99
891887Nestle Fab Strawberry 58ml G/F1 x 32631/05/20£13.99N/A
847312Miss Style Chicken Goujons 37g *1 x 2.2kg2631/05/20£18.50N/A
804033McCain Southern Fried Wedge Fries *4 x 2.5kg1u31/05/20£22.99£5.75
822015Schul Petit Pain White 4in T&S 55g S/A1 x 705620/06/20£6.99N/A
839043P.Corn Broc Caul Cheese Pasty 283g U/B1 x 20322/08/20£19.80N/A
823197Americana Gourmet Burger Bun P/C1 x 484731/08/20£9.60N/A
820105SB Mini White Tin Loaf 55g T&S S/A1 x 48831/08/20£7.15N/A
804069McCain Simply Potato Dice G/F *4 x 2.5kg7c 1u30/09/20£23.99£12.00
890875Gelato Gold Winter Spiced Fruit Ice Cream G/F*2 x 5ltr115/11/20£18.99£9.50
891909Cadbury Daim Stick 90ml1 X 24128/02/21£22.30N/A
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
996703Dunicel Yellow S/Cover 84x84cm5 x 201N/A£82.99N/A
671181Tork Xpressnap Stand Disp (N4)*1 x 1disp1N/A£5.99N/A
710235Tork Foam Soap Dispenser (S4)*1 x 1disp24N/A£5.99N/A
700877Tork Elevation SmartOne White Twin T/Roll Disp T9*1 x 1disp12N/A£5.99N/A
671186Tork Xpressnap Snack Disp (N10)*1 x 1disp2N/A£5.99N/A
700110Tork Express H/Towel Disp (H2/3) M Fold*1 x 1disp22N/A£5.99N/A
700175Tork Matic H/Towel Roll Disp White (H1)*1 x 1disp2N/A£50.99N/A
970003Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Extra Soft (H2)1 x 21005N/A£27.99N/A
700879Tork Smart One Mini T/Rol Dbl Disp T9*1 x 1disp2N/A£5.99N/A
710231Tork Antimicrobial Foam Soap 1ltr (S4)*1 x 61N/A£44.99N/A
700230Tork Reflex Mini Wiping C/Feed 200sh2ply (M3)*1 x 9 16N/A£15.79N/A
700235Tork Reflex Portable Starter Pack*1 x 13N/A£12.99N/A
680708Lighting Tapers*70 x 241c 19uN/A£51.99£2.17
996371# Suma Auto Oven Rinse D9.111 x 10ltr1N/A£45.99N/A
943163Round Portion Pot Microwave Plastic 5.5oz20 x 1251N/A£39.99N/A
943164Round Portion Pot Lid Plastic For 5.5oz Pot20 x 1251N/A£28.99N/A
993185Black Ripple Wall Hot Drink Cup 16oz20 x 251N/A£28.99N/A
690110Barista Mixed Design Double Wall Cup 12oz*20 x 251c 18uN/A£25.99N/A
690177Flexi Glass Premium Half Pint CE Marked*1 x 10003N/A£19.99N/A
980019Rombouts Chevron Regular Cups & Saucers 6oz1 x 424N/A£6.69N/A
690180Coca-Cola Cups 0.3ltr (12oz)*1 x 20002N/A£48.99N/A
690185Coca-Cola Cups 0.65ltr 22oz*1 x 10002N/A£42.99N/A
690190PLA Smoothie Cup Clear 16oz*20 x 501c 11uN/A£59.80£2.99
690192PLA Domed Lid For Smoothie Cup 9-20oz*20 x 5019uN/A£29.80£1.49
690206Coke/Pepsi Lids 80mm For 9oz & 12oz*1 x 20004N/A£18.39N/A
690235White Plastic Tea Stirrers*10 x 10003c 3uN/A£14.90£1.49
912705Dispo Plastic Vented Lids 8-16oz1 x 5001N/A£12.29N/A
690425Clear Straight Smoothie Straw 8mm*40 x 25014uN/A£18.59£0.49
700320Lotus/Tork Centre Feed Wipe 2ply 157m *1 x 65N/A£13.95N/A
641035GreenBlue Dtgt Fliptop Bottle 500ml *16N/A£1.00N/A
710242Katrin Soap Disp White 1000ml *1 x 1disp9N/A£11.19N/A
710244Katrin Soap Disp Black 1000ml *1 x 1disp5N/A£11.19N/A
700185Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser in White*1 x 1disp20N/A£26.69N/A
700187Katrin System Roll Dispenser Black*1 x 1disp10N/A£26.69N/A
652640Flash Prof C3 Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner*2 x 2ltr2N/A£68.20£34.10
652645Flash Prof C2 Multi Surface & Glass Cleaner*2 x 2ltr1c 1uN/A£78.99£39.50
652650Prof. Flash C1 Neutral Floor & Surface Cleaner*2 x 2ltr1N/A£84.99£42.50
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid*4 x 5ltr3uN/A£22.20£5.55
652610K.Master Reload No5 All Purp Disinf*4 x 2ltr1uN/A£38.80£9.70
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.58£9.65
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr*4 x 2ltr3N/A£38.20£9.55
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con*4 x 2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.60£8.90
652435Biotek Citrus Clean Trigger Spray Bottle*6 x 750 ml1c 2uN/A£6.99£1.17
652440Biotek Wash & Clean Trigger Spray Bottle*6 x 750 ml1N/A£6.99£1.17
641035GreenBlue Dtgt Fliptop Bottle500ml*1 x 500ml6N/A£0.99N/A
650379Hospec Gen Purp Surface Cleaner*3 x 5ltr4c 1uN/A£6.19£2.06
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender*2 x 5ltr17N/A£15.99£8.00
936747Roomcare R1 Plus W1192 x 1.5ltr4N/A£65.00N/A
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2 x 2.5ltr1N/A£41.80£20.90
968713Jontec 300 QS W22 x 2.5ltr1uN/A£39.99£20.00
630425Paper Portion Cups 1oz*1 x 2501N/A£39.99N/A
630841Dairy Free 1000x25mm Labels Removable*1 x 1roll2N/A£2.99N/A
630885Dispenser for 7 Rolls of 2" Labels*1 x disp2N/A£20.99N/A
650515Cif 2in1 Cleaner Disinfectant*2 x 5ltr2c 1uN/A£18.00£9.00
650155Merlin Jade Antibacterial Air Frsh *6 x 1ltr4uN/A£8.60£1.43
650609Dettol Prof Surface Cleanser *8 x 2ltr4uN/A£30.00£3.75
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6 x 2ltr4N/A£63.49N/A
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2 x 2.5ltr4N/A£65.00£32.50
964511Tork Mild Mini Liquid Soap 475ml (S2)*1 x 82N/A£23.99N/A
988631Soft Care Lux 2in1 Hair&Body 800ml1 x 65N/A£42.99N/A
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716*1 x 61N/A£31.99N/A
911023Suma A2 Unison Clar Rinse Aid A.Dse3 x 4ltr6N/A£109.99N/A
911024Suma G1 Unison Super Deterg A.Dose3 x 4.5kg6N/A£93.99N/A
941741# Suma Des T30 Safepack W16401 x 10ltr2N/A£35.00N/A
933166Swan 40cm Swansoft Silver Napkins1 x 5003N/A£59.99N/A
951422Dunilin Festive Charme Velvet Napkins 40cm *5 x 504uN/A£32.99£6.59
968668Dunisoft Red Check Towel Napkins 38x54cm1 x 2506N/A£34.99N/A
671140Dunilin Kiwi Napkins 40cm*12 x 502uN/A£58.90£4.91
970731Dunicel S/cover Festive Charme Red 84cm *5 x 202uN/A£77.61£17.49
970012Swansoft Banqueting Roll 120cm x 40m1 x 40 mtr4N/A£49.77N/A
900015swansoft Silver Table Runner 38cm x 12 mtr6 x 12 mtr1N/A£36.19N/A

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