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Clearance List 20th January 2021

Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
030422Mild Grated Cheddar B.B.B6x2kg1c 5u25/01/21£40.80£6.80
03041170% Mozz 30% Grated Cheddar6x2kg5c 2u27/01/21£41.40£6.90
010016Midland Select Unsmoked Back Bacon4x2kg52c 2u29/01/21£25.90£6.48
030811Blue Stilton 1/4 per kg2.1kg501/02/21 £9.50 p/kgN/A
010655QFill Cheese & Spring Onion Filling G/F6x1kg3u05/02/21£29.40£4.90
060406Meadowland Professional 72% Veg Spread10x250g3c07/02/21£4.90£0.49
030320Mozzarella Block per kg1x2.3kg108/02/21 £3.50 p/kgN/A
130170OK Mixed Pitted Olives in Oil4x2kg2c 2u14/02/21£39.95£9.99
010640QFill Tuna Mayo Filling G/F6x1kg1c 4u19/02/21£29.40£4.90
030340Grana Padano Block per kg1x1kg822/02/21 £9.30 p/kgN/A
Ambient Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
922583Cornish Orchards Orange & Lemon 250ml1x24312/01/21£9.99N/A
900500Schar G/F White Ciabatta Rolls 200g-4rolls1x6112/01/21£4.99N/A
541123K.P Salted Peanuts 50g Carded7x213c16/01/21£34.99£5.00
923735B/Time Orange Cup Drink 200ml1x24131/01/21£1.25N/A
990310Polenta (Ground Maize Corn Meal)12x500g1c 7u31/01/21£4.80£0.40
541126K.P Dry Roasted Peanuts 50g Carded7x212c31/01/21£34.99£5.00
525516Radnor Still Spring Water Tetra 250ml1x241231/01/21£3.60N/A
940217Lion Maple & Bourbon BBQ Sauce6x1kg1c31/01/21£14.99£2.50
430468Heinz Mayonnaise Free Range Table Top10x220ml20c 3u07/02/21£7.50£0.75
060316Akomabra Cake Margarine1x12.5kg410/02/21£15.50N/A
930265M&M's Chocolate Std Bag 45g G/F1x24914/02/21£6.99N/A
210415Kenco Westminster Coffee 3 Pint*1x50215/02/21£35.99N/A
270525Crawfords Jam Rings Biscuits1x2.5kg920/02/21£7.50N/A
500510Schar G/F Bread Seeded Sliced Loaf3x300g17c 2u23/02/21£4.99£1.67
970115Nutella Single Portions 15g1x120126/02/21£14.50N/A
070318Lakeland UHT Whole Milk Portions 12ml1x120627/02/21£2.50N/A
930112Callebaut White Choc Couverture W25x5kg3u27/02/21£149.90£29.80
523745B/Time Blackcurrant Cup Drink 200ml1x242328/02/21£1.25N/A
523740B/Time Raspberry Cup Drink 200ml1x241228/02/21£1.25N/A
940927C.Pride Grapefruit Segments in Syrup*12x540g4c 3u28/02/21£12.60£1.05
972370Bronte Oat & Raisin Dunking Bar 2's*1x24328/02/21£10.99N/A
520515Diet Pepsi Bottles 500ml (GB)1x241028/02/21£10.99N/A
910128Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate Sachets 28g1x501928/02/21£8.99N/A
312124Golden Palace Teriyaki Sauce12x1ltr1c 4u28/02/21£29.99£2.50
490220Knorr Vegetable Jelly Bouillon Prof G/F2x800g1c 1u28/02/21£23.99£12.00
990276Maggi Beef Bouillon Granules G/F2x2kg4c28/02/21£34.99£17.50
990767Major Med Vegetable Stock G/F2x1kg1c 1u28/02/21£22.99£11.50
210910Rombouts Original Coffee Beans6x1kg8c28/02/21£47.40£7.90
911635Knorr B.Drag Thai Red Curry Sauce G/F2x2ltr1u28/02/21£15.99£8.00
311910U.Bens RTU Black Bean Sauce G/F2x2.3kg12c28/02/21£9.98£4.99
211825Decaff Coffee Sachets1x250628/02/21£2.99N/A
210195Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder*4x1.6kg4c 3u28/02/21£29.40£7.35
490826Chef Jus de Veau Lie (Thick Veal)2x900g5c 1u28/02/21£19.98£9.99
930120Lion 1000 Island Dressing Sauce2x2.2ltr2c28/02/21£9.80£4.90
441020Colmans Tartare Sauce2x2ltr95c28/02/21£7.90£3.95
522535Bottlegreen Rhubarb & Ginger 275ml Glass Bottle1x12528/02/21£6.60N/A
522516Bottlegreen Ginger & L'grass 275ml Gls Btl1x121128/02/21£4.80N/A
520821Sprite C/tour Bottles 500ml (GB)1x12328/02/21£6.99N/A
440210Heinz BBQ Sauce Squeezy Table Top8x220ml1c 5u01/03/21£11.99£1.50
441210Heinz Sauce-O-Mat Mayo 2.5ltr1x32001/03/21£25.50N/A
960315Marvello All Veg Margarine*1x12.5kg504/03/21£18.99N/A
070089Yazoo 400ml Vanilla Flavour Milk1x103405/03/21£6.99N/A
300815Knorr Garde D'or Hollandaise Sauce6x1ltr6c 4u05/03/21£24.90£4.15
540618K.P Original Hula Hoops 34g1x32306/03/21£12.65N/A
530210Plain Bounty 57g G/F1x24207/03/21£11.99N/A
941255Burts Sea Salt Crisps Catering Pack 450g1x41208/03/21£8.99N/A
910515U.Bens RTU Mexican Salsa Sauce G/F2x2.23kg11c 1u09/03/21£9.98£4.99
173013Cambray Sundried Tomatoes in Oil6x1kg4c10/03/21£23.95£3.99
280141Kelloggs Bran Flakes1x10kg411/03/21£25.99N/A
911930U.Bens RTU Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce G/F2x2.54kg1211/03/21£9.98£4.99
330511MacPhie Creme Anglaise G/F12x1ltr1c 11u13/03/21£35.99£3.00
250421Heygates English Wholemeal Flour1x16kg613/03/21£6.99N/A
540806Mr Porky Pork Crackles 45g1x242413/03/21£14.20N/A
070086Yazoo 400ml Strawberry Flavour Milk1x1011018/03/21£6.99N/A
990736Major Light Vegetable Stock G/F*2x1kg919/03/21£33.90£16.95
525542Coastal Spring Still Water Glass 250ml*1x24419/03/21£5.50N/A
540608K.P BBQ Beef Hula Hoops 34g1x32320/03/21£12.65N/A
522589Cornish Orchards Apple Juice Glass 250ml1x24422/03/21£19.40N/A
540911Doritos Cool Original 40g1x32427/03/21£13.99N/A
441125Fairway Tomato Ketchup*2x2.27ltr69c 1u31/03/21£2.80£1.40
960616Fairway English Mustard Sachets 7g*1x2001131/03/21£2.75N/A
540418La Mex Salted Tortilla Chips 500g1x124731/03/21£14.99N/A
520712Diet Pepsi Bag in Box Syrup1x7ltr531/03/21£38.65N/A
210920Rombouts F/T Coffee Beans6x1kg6c 3u31/03/21£57.00£9.50
210943Rombouts Original Ground Cafetiere Coffee6x1kg5c 1u31/03/21£42.00£7.00
520175Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava PET 500ml1x121631/03/21£9.99N/A
520962Fanta Orange Zero Cans 330ml (GB)1x242731/03/21£7.99N/A
521160Dr Pepper Z Contour Bottles 500ml1x122531/03/21£7.99N/A
900017123 Doughnut Mix1x12.5kg631/03/21£16.99N/A
270485Eat Natural Sltd Caramel Protein Pkd 45g1x12931/03/21£6.99N/A
441206Heinz Sauce-O-Mat Tomato Ketchup 2.5ltr1x32101/04/21£25.50N/A
522303Jimmys Iced Coffee Mocha 330ml G/F1x12908/04/21£9.99N/A
070081Yazoo 400ml Banana Flavour Milk1x106019/04/21£6.99N/A
525240Frobishers Spkling Ginger & Juniper 330ml1x121719/04/21£8.99N/A
240228Curtis Banana Chips6x1kg2u30/04/21£19.50£3.25
524713Ocean Spray Cranberry & R/berry Juice12x1ltr5c30/04/21£15.60£1.30
360925McD Scone Mix4x3.5kg1c 3u30/04/21£16.99£4.25
570405Macphie Brandy Sauce12x1ltr16c03/05/21£24.60£2.05
991001Major Roast Onion Stock Base G/F2x1kg2c28/05/21£24.99£12.50
980537Kelloggs Special K Bag Pak 500g*1x42209/07/21£7.99N/A
911113PG Tips Envelopes Camomile 25g1x61231/10/21£10.99N/A
911119PG Tips Envelopes Raspberry 63g1x6431/10/21£10.99N/A
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
820551Pnsc Cinnamon Swirl 85g U/B1x48824/01/21£11.99N/A
904025McCain Signature Crispers*4x2.5kg2c 2u31/01/21£20.99£5.25
901130LoveS Grape Escape Fruit Pouch 140g1x30231/01/21£16.99N/A
891870Cool 85% Orange Juice Lollies 55ml1x301006/02/21£6.95N/A
820120SB Olive&Oregano Focaccia Roll100g T&S1x40111/02/21£18.50N/A
964516Scheff Spaghetti Bolognese 250g1x20321/02/21£14.50N/A
920130SB Mini Brioche Sliders 20g T&S1x60221/02/21£9.50N/A
826825SB Mini Ciabatta Roll 40g*1x120124/02/21£15.99N/A
852368Scheff Chinese Duck Bon Bon 30g*1x50226/02/21£15.99N/A
990779Beechdean Lemon Sorbet 130ml*6x121c27/02/21£35.94£5.99
848771Fairway 7in Yorkshire Puddings1x201728/02/21£6.99N/A
924621VL Pain White Petit Pain 55g P/B1x701028/02/21£5.85N/A
824623VL Pain White Mini Petit Pain 35g P/B1x9010528/02/21£5.50N/A
888930Vanier Ind Toffee Topolino Dessert*1x16428/02/21£22.99N/A
802533Baby Camembert in Crispy Crumb 45g8x1018c 3u28/02/21£37.60£4.70
820507Schul Mini Danish Selection U/B 40g1x1207310/03/21£24.99N/A
823250Fairway Gourmet White Bun F/B*1x541111/03/21£12.50N/A
924015Delifrance White Crusty Rolls 90g p/b 4s1x10113/03/21£6.99N/A
828215Pnsc Pain Au Raisin 100g U/B1x601015/03/21£27.20N/A
823503Schul Sweet Finger Roll 6.5in1x487218/03/21£4.99N/A
847922M Vale BBQ Roast Chicken Wings*4x1kg31c 1u20/03/21£19.95£4.99
883566Fairway Tarte Au Chocolat p/c1x12ptn2031/03/21£10.70N/A
858470McCain Chs & Tom Pizza 9.5x6.5in 500g1x12431/03/21£23.99N/A
880120Sidoli Oh Caramel I Stuffed The Cookie P/C1x18ptn4331/03/21£10.99N/A
818550Raw Headless King Prawns 16-20 Shell On12x908g1c 3u03/04/21£79.80£6.65
847535G.Valley Ckd Mix Mini Chicken Kebabs 30g1x36608/04/21£15.99N/A
821531Delifrance Butter Croissant Wrapped 50g1x323511/04/21£13.50N/A
821534Delifrance Pain Au Choc Wrapped 69g1x401813/04/21£17.20N/A
883520Mmoiselle Peach Melba Cake1x12ptn6331/05/21£8.99N/A
818531R.G MSC Peeled Prawns175/275NT 1.8kg5x2kg10c 2u03/08/21£109.95£21.99
852360Scheff Fig & Goats Cheese Parcel 30g1x253204/08/21£9.99N/A
825010Frozen Butter Rosettes 10g*5x1kg7c 1u20/08/21£49.95£9.99
877040HCake Tiramisu Slice Traybake p/c1x12ptn2227/08/21£9.99N/A
837305Toms Ham Hock & Pea Pie 260g1x6312/09/21£10.80N/A
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
996703Dunicel Yellow S/Cover 84x84cm5x201cN/A£82.99N/A
710235Tork Foam Soap Dispenser (S4)*1x1disp19N/A£5.99N/A
700877T/k Elevation Smart 1 Wht Twin T/Roll Disp T91x1disp7N/A£5.99N/A
671186Tork Xpressnap Snack Disp (N10)*1x1disp2N/A£5.99N/A
700110Tork Express H/Towel Disp (H2/3) M Fold*1x1disp19N/A£6.66N/A
700230T/k Reflex Mini Wiping C/Feed 200sh2ply (M3)1x9 2N/A£15.76N/A
700235Tork Reflex Portable Starter Pack*1x11N/A£13.03N/A
680708Lighting Tapers*24x701c 7uN/A£51.94£2.14
996371# Suma Auto Oven Rinse D9.111x10ltr1N/A£45.99N/A
943164Round Portion Pot Lid Plastic For 5.5oz Pot20x1251N/A£28.99N/A
980019R/bouts Chevron Regular Cups & Saucers 6oz1x46N/A£6.69N/A
690185Coca-Cola Cups 0.65ltr 22oz*1x10002N/A£45.25N/A
690206Coke/Pepsi Lids 80mm For 9oz & 12oz*1x20004N/A£18.42N/A
690235White Plastic Tea Stirrers*10x10002c 7uN/A£13.00£1.30
710244Katrin Soap Disp Black 1000ml *1x1disp5N/A£11.11N/A
700185Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser in Wht1x1disp20N/A£26.67N/A
700187Katrin System Roll Dispenser Black*1x1disp10N/A£26.67N/A
652640Flash Prof C3 Disinfecting Bathroom Clnr2x2ltr1cN/A£77.45£38.73
652645Flash Prof C2 Multi Surface & Glass Clnr2x2ltr1cN/A£74.70£37.35
652650Prof. Flash C1 Neutral Floor & Surface Clnr2x2ltr1uN/A£80.20£40.10
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid*4x5ltr2uN/A£22.20£5.55
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4x2ltr1cN/A£38.58£9.65
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr*4x2ltr3cN/A£38.20£9.55
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con*4x2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.60£8.90
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender*2x5ltr13cN/A£16.40£8.20
936747Roomcare R1 Plus W1192x1.5ltr4cN/A£65.00N/A
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2x2.5ltr1cN/A£41.74£20.87
968713Jontec 300 QS W22x2.5ltr1uN/A£39.99£20.00
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6x2ltr3cN/A£63.49N/A
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2x2.5ltr4cN/A£65.00£32.50
988631Soft Care Lux 2in1 Hair&Body 800ml1x65N/A£42.99N/A
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716*1x61N/A£31.99N/A
911023Suma A2 Unison Clar Rinse Aid A.Dse3x4ltr6cN/A£109.99N/A
911024Suma G1 Unison Super Deterg A.Dose3x4.5kg6cN/A£93.99N/A
941741# Suma Des T30 Safepack W16401x10ltr2N/A£35.00N/A
968668Dunisoft Red Chk Towel Napkins 38x54cm1x2502N/A£34.99N/A
970012Swansoft Banqueting Roll 120cm x 40m1x40mtr4N/A£49.77N/A
570530Gold Foil Board 12in Cracker (4)*1x502N/A£14.61N/A
570533Silver Foil Board 12in Cracker (4)*1x507N/A£14.62N/A
990186PET Tulip 12oz/350ml Clear Tumbler*25x5019uN/A£38.75£1.55

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