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Clearance List 14th September 2018

Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
110005Local Westcountry Chick&Pork Liver Smooth Pate1 x 1kg1122/09/18£6.99N/A
Ambient Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
340227John Morley Rasp&Apple Fruit Filling1 x 2.5kg 622/09/18£5.69N/A
230100Callebaut Ground Dark Chocolate Powder*6 x 1kg 1c 4u27/09/18£43.99£7.34
271295Paterson Scottish Crm S'Bread Ass Mini Packs 35g 1 x 1002730/09/18£12.99N/A
380680Knorr Pureed Basil S/A2 x 750g2c 1u 30/09/18£11.99£7.00
361125McD Beef Suet Pastry Mix S/A4 x 3.5kg3 30/09/18£22.99£6.50
993647Soft Drinks Various Cans 330ml1 x 5022 10/10/18£8.99N/A
272905Nairn's G/F Oats & Ginger Biscuits Triple Pack * 12 x 6223/10/18£16.99£3.25
481325Knorr Highland Veg 100% Soup 2.5ltr S/A1 x 4 231/10/18£21.99N/A
312138Lion Asian Ging Garlic & Chilli Sticky Sce6 x 1ltr1c 5u31/10/18£12.69£2.12
270335Gourmet Lux Cracker Selection *6 x 500g 3c 5u31/10/18£16.99N/A
522713Purdey Rejuvinate 250ml1 x 122 31/10/18£6.99N/A
210922R/Bouts Organic Coffee Beans *6 x 1kg 1c 5u31/10/18£72.29£12.05
921522Coke Zero BIB Zero Pack1 x 7ltr18 01/11/18£49.99N/A
530628Kinder Bueno 43g1 x 3019 21/11/18£15.99N/A
221126Additions Jazzies6 x 400g1c 4u 30/11/18£29.99£5.00
272364Paterson Scottish Cream Shortbread 40g 2's1 x 484430/11/18£7.20N/A
441702Lion Middle Eastern Hot Sauce *6 x 1ltr 1c 4u30/11/18£18.59£3.10
240145Snack Ess Sinless Seeds Shot Pak 25g *1 x 16 230/11/18£6.29N/A
521301Sprite Glass Bottles 330ml *1 x 2432 30/11/18£9.99N/A
490763Major Roasted Onion Stock G/F *2 x 1kg 107/12/18£29.99£14.99
490761Major Roast Chicken Stock G/F2 x 1kg3c 1u28/12/18£29.99£14.99
240144F/Time Fruits Mini Raisin Boxes 14g *12 x 18 330/12/18£15.59N/A
945646R/Bouts Decaf Magnum Coffee Sachets 70g1 x 40 630/12/18£32.99N/A
221120Additions Salted Caramel Fudge6 x 450g 1c 5u30/12/18£31.99£5.33
361431Middleton Yorkshire Pudding Mix S/A4 x 3.5kg 11c 1u30/12/18£21.50£5.38
212510Twinings F/T Jackson Env Teabags *6 x 50s 2c 2u08/01/19£17.60£2.93
560410Fmans Bloom Gin & Rose Lemonade 6.5% 275ml*1 x 12431/01/19£22.69N/A
560415Fentimans Bloom Gin & Tonic 6.5% 275ml*1 x 12 331/01/19£22.69N/A
430314BD Cider Honey & Mustard Dressing *6 x 450ml 4u19/03/19£19.99£5.00
330692BD Mango Coulis*12 x 485g8u 22/03/19£44.49£3.91
441125Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Tomato Ketchup 490g 1 x 6231/03/19£8.99N/A
330534BD Red Berry Compote*4 x 1.25kg2c 3u01/05/19£27.79£6.95
210190Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate *6 x 1kg3c 1u01/05/19£35.59£5.93
210175Galaxy Drinking Chocolate S/A *6 x 2kg6c 2u17/05/19£55.39£9.23
212530Twin Trad English S&Tag Teabags *5 x 1001c 2u19/05/19£29.99£5.99
525580Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water 750ml1 x 12601/07/19£7.50N/A
290900Tilda Arborio Rice*2 x 5kg2c 1u30/11/19£21.69£10.85
380666Schwartz Srircha Seasoning *1 x 64u30/11/19£26.29£4.38
230404Mona Lisa Dark Choc Tagliatelli*1 x 2kg123/02/20£21.79N/A
291124Tilda E.Cook L.Grain Rice S/A*1 x 5kg3728/02/20£13.29N/A
955552Clip Org F/T Inst Decaff Coffee Sticks 2g1 x 500130/07/20£44.59N/A
563505Scavi & Ray Rosato Piccolo 20cl *1 x 241N/A£53.99N/A
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
817562Cod & West Country Crab Bites 32g *1 x 50105/10/18£18.95N/A
848975KK Ckd Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls 25g g/f *1 x 4kg2305/10/18£7.99N/A
852355Scheff Mojito Pulled Pork Won Ton 25g1 x 50326/10/18£20.99N/A
864022Scheff Lamb Hot Pot 400g *1 x 12506/11/18£22.30N/A
839045P.Corn Lamb & Mint Pasty U/B 283g *1 x 20609/11/18£23.90N/A
823270Rob White Sliced Flat Breads ( Thins ) S/A 1 x 72725/11/18£9.99N/A
848245Plain B/Fly Raw Chic Breast 170-200g1 x 101131/12/18£12.50N/A
864510Scheff Stilton & Veg Crumble 340g *1 x 12311/01/19£18.99N/A
880165Sidoli Nutty Chocolate Cheesecake p/c *1 x 14ptn231/01/19£15.10N/A
821591Cadbury Chocolate Ring Doughnut 74g *1 x 48601/02/19£22.20N/A
821596Cadbury Caramel Ring Doughnut 67g *1 x 481001/02/19£22.20N/A
890875Gelato Gold Winter Spiced Fruit Ice Cream G/F *2 x 5ltr228/02/19£17.80£8.90
815505Whitby Sea Salt & Crack Pepper W/T Br Scampi *2 x 5ltr1u28/02/19£51.10£5.11
883547Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Profiteroles 20g*2 x 1kg123/07/19£13.99N/A
843409Healthy Option Pork Sausages 16s S/A G/F *1 x 2.27kg2404/10/19£7.99N/A
82011723in White Sub Loaf 420g T&S *1 x 10321/11/19£11.99N/A
892087Cool Ind Orange Jelly Pots 90ml S/A1 x 60301/06/20£9.60N/A
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
671140Dunilin Kiwi Napkins 40cm*12 x 504c 8uN/A£58.90£4.91
976145Dunilin Napkins Snowland 40x405 x 501N/A£35.00N/A
570898Dunicel Winter Charme Cream Slip Cover 84cm5 x 201N/A£76.00£15.20
913600Dunicel Festive Charm Tete a Tete 0.4x24m1 x 62N/A£59.99N/A
996702Dunicel Red S/Cover 84x84cm5 x 201N/A£82.99N/A
996703Dunicel Yellow S/Cover 84x84cm5 x 201N/A£82.99N/A
976146Dunicel Tete A Tete Snowland 0.4x244 x 11N/A£42.50N/A
970721Duni Napkins Festive Charme Red 40/34 x 2503c 2uN/A£55.00N/A
958668Duni Glittering Star Napkin 40/3 *4 x 2501N/A£27.80£6.95
943154Duni Napkin Bordeaux 24/21 x 24001N/A£25.99N/A
570879Duni Stella Green Napkin 33/2 *16 x 12516c 11uN/A£46.95£2.93
915664Dunisoft Plum Napkins 40cm12 x 602N/A£59.00N/A
671157Swansoft Napkins Mountain Pine 40cm*10 x 508uN/A£32.60£3.26
671174Tork Xpressnap Snack Napkin 1Ply (N10)*1 x 90006N/A£25.00N/A
270335Gourmet Lux Cracker Selection *6 x 500g5N/A£20.69N/A
999888Sidoli Sundae Glasses *1 x 413N/A£4.99N/A
700132Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser Black*11N/A£17.50N/A
630405Kraft Sandwich Wedge*1 x 5002N/A£40.20N/A
690335Lindis Trimplate TP3 9" EPS Plate*1 x 6002N/A£12.79N/A
943163Round Portion Pot Microwave Plastic 5.5oz20 x 1251N/A£39.99N/A
963154Dispo Bagasse 6" Burger Box4 x 1251N/A£35.99N/A
987541Dispo Bagasse Lunch Box 9x6"2 x 1252N/A£23.99N/A
943164Round Portion Pot Lid Plastic For 5.5oz Pot20 x 1251N/A£28.99N/A
993185Black Rippple Wall Hot Drink Cup 16oz20 x 251N/A£28.99N/A
690110Barista Mixed Design Double Wall Cup 12oz*20 x 251c 19uN/A£25.99N/A
690111Barista Mixed Design Double Wall Cup 8oz*20 x 251N/A£20.99N/A
700320Lotus/Tork Centre Feed Wipe 2ply 157m *1 x 610N/A£13.95N/A
700812Bio Tech Recycled Conv Toilet Roll *1 x 642N/A£9.60N/A
988756Pillar Candle Rustic/Glossy Aqua 4Hour1 x 102N/A£19.99N/A
631310First Aid Kit BS8599 Catering Small *10 x 12uN/A£118.39£11.84
610240Dual Warning Caution Wet Floor Sign *1 x 101uN/A£22.99£2.29
610227Yellow Mop Bucket 12ltr*10 x 18uN/A£27.99£2.79
610230Blue Mop Bucket 12ltr*10 x 13uN/A£27.99£2.79
610355Ramon Catering Sponge Cloths *6 x 101uN/A£13.89£2.33
922457Vileda Rubber Gloves Medium Red H/D110N/A£1.09N/A
963411Vileda Rubber Gloves Large Yellow H/D110N/A£1.29N/A
641035GreenBlue Dtgt Fliptop Bottle 500ml *16N/A£1.00N/A
900425Ecolab Allguard 10 Bottles *1 x 12 1N/A£12.99£1.08
900440Ecolab Freshcare 56 Bottles *1 x 121N/A£12.99£1.08
900365Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Premium Bottles*1 x 1211uN/A£9.40£0.78
900570Ecolab Des Special Bottle 650ml*1 x 121N/A£11.00£0.92
900650Ecolab Brial Maxx 2 Bottles*111N/A£2.20N/A
900655Ecolab Maxx Into Bottles*111N/A£2.20N/A
900240Ecolab Blue Flip Top Caps1 x 122N/A£2.50£0.21
900210Ecolab Oasis Pro 14 Premium Bottles*1 x 128uN/A£9.00£0.75
900250Ecolab Foaming Trigger - Red*1 x 1210N/A£4.90£0.41
710242Katrin Soap Disp White 1000ml *1 x 1disp10N/A£11.19N/A
710244Katrin Soap Disp Black 1000ml *1 x 1disp5N/A£11.19N/A
900115Ecolab Topmatic Crystal GB Special Glasswash*4 x 5ltr2uN/A£72.00£18.00
900120Ecolab Toprinse Crystal Rins Aditiv *4 x 5ltr2uN/A£58.80£14.70
900545Ecolab KitchenPro Manual *2 x 2ltr2N/A£51.00£25.50
900375Ecolab Oasis Pro 56 Premium Deodour Floral Fresh *2 x 2ltr1N/A£121.00£60.50
650305# Ecolab Oasis Pro 16 Prem MP Clnr*2 x 2ltr2N/A£85.75£42.88
900285# Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Prem Glas Cln2 x 2ltr1N/A£92.55£46.28
640313Ecolab Apex Manual Solid Detergent 1.36kg*1 x 22N/A£71.85N/A
640317Selden 15% Detergent *4 x 5ltr3N/A£11.69£2.92
640321Adamatic TW 20ltr*1 x 20ltr1N/A£29.99N/A
900175# Ecolab Mould Ex Mould Stain Remov*4 x 1ltr1uN/A£24.70£6.18
900145# Ecolab Mikro Chlor Shakers Sanitr*12 x 500g1c 9uN/A£26.90£2.24
900170Ecolab Copper Shine Special Polish*6 x 500ml5uN/A£21.90£3.65
900600Ecolab Turbo Usona*1 x 20kg1N/A£42.70N/A
900635Ecolab Eco-Bac Wipes (200s)*1 x 62N/A£52.20N/A
900605Ecolab Turbi Saprit Style*1 x 20kg1N/A£58.99N/A
900405Ecolab Freshcare 56 *4 x 1ltr2uN/A£105.50£26.38
900415Ecolab Bathcare 60 *4 x 1ltr3uN/A£83.50£20.88
900500# Ecolab Lime Away Special *4 x 1ltr3N/A£50.00£12.50
900540Ecolab Solid Clear Dry Clean *2 x 1kg1N/A£137.00£68.50
900515Ecolab Helios Brill Cream Cleaner 500ml *1 x 61N/A£27.99N/A
900325# Ecolab Greasestrip Plus Gel Degrs*3 x 1.3ltr1c 1uN/A£37.25£12.42
900290Ecolab Oasis Pro 59 Premium Deodour *2 x 2ltr1N/A£99.50£49.75
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid*4 x 5ltr2N/A£22.20£5.55
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.58£9.65
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr*4 x 2ltr3N/A£38.20£9.55
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con*4 x 2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.60£8.90
652610K.Master Reload No5 All Purp Disinf*4 x 2ltr1uN/A£38.80£9.70
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.60£9.65
650840Brite W/Room Clean & Sanit Sp Breeze*2 x 5ltr2c 1uN/A£4.40£2.20
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender*2 x 5ltr20c 1uN/A£15.99£8.00
936747Roomcare R1 Plus W1192 x 1.5ltr4N/A£65.00N/A
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2 x 2.5ltr1N/A£41.80£20.90
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2 x 2.5ltr4N/A£65.00£32.50
968713Jontec 300 QS W22 x 2.5ltr1uN/A£39.99£20.00
983577Steradent Tablets Fresh (30 Tabs) *1 x 122N/A£11.19N/A
650515Cif 2in1 Cleaner Disinfectant*2 x 5ltr3c 1uN/A£18.00£9.00
710515Gentelle Bath Foam Ocean Spray *6 x 1ltr3uN/A£4.50£0.75
650155Merlin Jade Antibacterial Air Frsh *6 x 1ltr4uN/A£8.60£1.43
650609Dettol Prof Surface Cleanser *8 x 2ltr2c 7uN/A£30.00£3.75
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716*1 x 61N/A£30.29N/A
988631Soft Care Lux 2in1 Hair&Body 800ml1 X 65N/A£42.99N/A
965877Suma Break Up D3.5 Heavy Duty Degreaser2 x 5ltr1uN/A£29.99£15.00
941741# Suma Des T30 Safepack W16401 x 10ltr2N/A£35.00N/A
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6 x 2ltr4N/A£63.49N/A

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