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Clearance List 16th September 2020
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Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
130160OK Feta Stuffed Bell Peppers av 48-506x2kg224/09/20£56.99£9.50
030311Mozzarella Balls (Cows Milk)10x125g7c 4u26/09/20£4.95£0.49
Ambient Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
441208Heinz Sauce-O-Mat Mustard 2.5ltr1x31001/09/20£5.99N/A
272755D/vale Blckcurrant &App Crumble Slice Vegan 80g1x24220/09/20£7.25N/A
440821Heinz Hot English Mustard Table Top S/A8x220g1830/09/20£4.99£0.65
522160Juice Burst Orange & Carrot PET 500ml1x12230/09/20£3.99N/A
350140Our Earth Vegetarian Orange Jelly Crystals*4x3.5kg1c 2u30/09/20£27.95£6.99
481325Knorr Highland Vegetable 100% Soup 2.5ltr S/A1x4230/09/20£21.99N/A
270497Eat Natural Vegan Fruit & Nut Bar 45g1x12430/09/20£4.99N/A
530345Rolos 52g1x361230/09/20£9.99N/A
230110Callebaut Milk Chocolate Couverture 8235x5kg1c 3u02/10/20£149.95£29.99
230430Scaglietta Dark Chocolate Flakes*20x1kg14u03/10/20£78.00£3.90
272750D/vale Apple & Rasp Crumble Slice Vegan 80g1x24607/10/20£7.50N/A
272763Devonvale Chocolate Crispy Bar 50g1x241520/10/20£6.99N/A
361431Middleton Yorkshire Pudding Mix S/A*4x3.5kg3u28/10/20£24.99£6.25
272357Bronte All Butter Shortbread 20g1x70431/10/20£5.99N/A
361225Middleton Chocolate Muffin Mix BBB S/A4x3.5kg7c 2u31/10/20£26.99£6.75
210950Rombouts Decaff 1Cup Coffee Filter1x60531/10/20£13.99N/A
210915Rombouts Bulk Brew Ground Coffee 170g1x30531/10/20£44.99N/A
524214Suso Fruits Of Forest Spark Can 250ml*1x241731/10/20£3.99N/A
272380Paterson Giant Jammy Shortbread 65g1x20 3531/10/20£6.99N/A
960320Middletons G/F Crumble Mix4x3kg20c 3u31/10/20£32.99£8.25
210100Cafe Express F/T Hot Chocolate1x100331/10/20£15.90N/A
522558Heartsease Spk Blackcurrant Crush 425ml PET1x124031/10/20£5.40N/A
270430Alpen Light Salted Caramel Bar 19g1x24905/11/20£8.99N/A
361331Middleton Pizza Base Mix S/A4x3.5kg207/11/20£17.99N/A
272363Bronte Fruit Shrewsbury Dunking Bar 2's1X24630/11/20£8.90N/A
260400S/E Chilli Peanuts*6x1kg1u30/11/20£26.95£4.49
481394Knorr Minestrone 100% Soup 250ml S/A1x12630/11/20£9.99N/A
481330Knorr Carrot & Coriander 100% Soup 2.5lt G/F1x4330/11/20£25.99N/A
291220Uncle Bens E.Cook Wholegrain Rice3x5kg910/12/20£19.95£6.65
273305Furniss Mini Choc Chip Cookie Biscuits 40g*1x18311/12/20£4.99N/A
481380Knorr Beef Goulash 100% Soup 2.5ltr S/A1x2.5ltr1031/12/20£23.50N/A
530670Tic Tac T4 Pillow Pack 1.9g*10x1002c 7u01/01/21£18.90£1.89
272330Bronte Double Chocolate Chip Biscuits 2's*1x241531/01/21£7.99N/A
273310Furniss Gingerbread Buttons 150g*1x36125/02/21£15.99N/A
312150Sharwoods Chowmein & Mushroom Sauce*2x2kg430/06/21£9.98£4.99
527010Mr Freeze Jubbly Orange 62ml*1x481831/07/21£5.50N/A
142710Triple Lion Banana Blossom Vegan**24x565g22u01/09/21£31.92£1.33
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
822531Bagel Nash Cinn & Raisin Bagel 115g F/B1x24106/09/20£4.49N/A
880132Mserve Ruby Choc & Rasp Cheesecake P/C G/F*1x14ptn630/09/20£13.99N/A
827515Pnsc Ciabatta Loaf 250g 28cm P/B1x24430/09/20£11.99N/A
824630Pnsc Petit Pain Brown 85g 17cm P/B*1x651230/09/20£7.50N/A
836004Sm Salmon&Crm Cheese Mini Bagel 22g T&S10x451c 3u02/10/20£199.90£19.99
821532Pnsc Raspberry Filled Croissant 90g P/B1x40512/10/20£19.99N/A
823643Jack White Split Tin Bread 14+2 800g*1x8114/10/20£10.99N/A
835998Mini Quiche Selection 1in 18g T&S8x486c 1u22/10/20£69.99£8.75
828210Pnsc Mini Pain Au Chocolat 25g U/B1x160131/10/20£21.99N/A
848775Aunt Bessie Bitesize Yorkshire Pudding 1.5in6x100931/10/20£12.99N/A
848780Perfect For Sausage Yorkshire Pudding 5in1x60631/10/20£7.50N/A
843460McWhin Bigfoot Sausage 12in 170g1x301124/11/20£17.99N/A
888930Vanier Ind Toffee Topolino Dessert1x16728/11/20£25.99N/A
847932G.Valley Breaded Chicken Drumsticks 85g1x20830/11/20£10.99N/A
858537C. Town Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza 25cm Vegan1x10630/11/20£22.99N/A
825010Frozen Butter Rosettes 10g 1kg S/A1x5803/12/20£49.99N/A
892085Cool Ind Strawberry Triffle 105g Tubs*1x241107/12/20£14.99N/A
833528Prestige Mixed Savoury Canape 18g*1x48311/12/20£19.99N/A
822025Pnsc Rustic Baked M.Grain Diamond 16cm 80g1x110330/12/20£16.99N/A
892083Cool Ind Blackcurrant Cheesecake 90g Tubs*1x24812/01/21£14.99N/A
822527Delifrance Provencette Panini 105g 24cm P/B1x555015/01/21£9.99N/A
871073Sidoli Figgy Mandarin Sponge Pudding G/F*1x121631/01/21£12.99N/A
817622Whitby Cod Prawn & Chorizo Croquetas*6x450g431/01/21£18.90£3.15
864205PK Ragu alla Bolognese Hot Meal Box 300g*1x12206/02/21£22.50N/A
823503Schul Sweet Finger Roll 6.5in1x489428/02/21£4.49N/A
883551Tipiak Trad Chicago Style Canapes*1x48128/02/21£16.50N/A
817015Whitby MSC Pollock Fillet Chunks*10x450g1c 8u31/05/21£17.90£1.79
817755HL MSC Bubble Crumb Pollock 50-70g G/F*1x60130/06/21£17.99N/A
817010Whitby MSC Southern Fried Pollock Fillet Burger1x4kg231/07/21£19.99N/A
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
996703Dunicel Yellow S/Cover 84x84cm5x201N/A£82.99N/A
710235Tork Foam Soap Dispenser (S4)*1x1disp19N/A£5.99N/A
700877Tk Elevation SmartOne White Twin T/Roll Disp T9*1x1disp12N/A£5.99N/A
671186Tork Xpressnap Snack Disp (N10)*1x1disp2N/A£5.99N/A
700110Tork Express H/Towel Disp (H2/3) M Fold*1x1disp20N/A£5.99N/A
700230Tork Reflex Mini Wiping C/Feed 200sh2ply (M3)1x9 11N/A£15.79N/A
700235Tork Reflex Portable Starter Pack*1x11N/A£12.99N/A
680708Lighting Tapers*70x241c 10uN/A£51.99£2.17
996371# Suma Auto Oven Rinse D9.111x10ltr1N/A£45.99N/A
943163Round Portion Pot Microwave Plastic 5.5oz20x1251N/A£39.99N/A
943164Round Portion Pot Lid Plastic For 5.5oz Pot20x1251N/A£28.99N/A
980019Rombouts Chevron Regular Cups & Saucers 6oz1x424N/A£6.69N/A
690180Coca-Cola Cups 0.3ltr (12oz)*1x20002N/A£48.99N/A
690185Coca-Cola Cups 0.65ltr 22oz*1x10002N/A£42.99N/A
690206Coke/Pepsi Lids 80mm For 9oz & 12oz*1x20004N/A£18.39N/A
690235White Plastic Tea Stirrers*10x10002c 8uN/A£14.90£1.49
710244Katrin Soap Disp Black 1000ml *1x1disp5N/A£11.19N/A
700185Katrin System Roll Towel Dispenser in White*1x1disp20N/A£26.69N/A
700187Katrin System Roll Dispenser Black*1x1disp10N/A£26.69N/A
652640Flash Prof C3 Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner*2x2ltr2N/A£68.20£34.10
652645Flash Prof C2 Multi Surface & Glass Cleaner*2x2ltr1N/A£78.99£39.50
652650Prof. Flash C1 Neutral Floor & Surface Cleaner2x2ltr1N/A£84.99£42.50
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid*4x5ltr2uN/A£22.20£5.55
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4x2ltr1N/A£38.58£9.65
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr*4x2ltr3N/A£38.20£9.55
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con*4x2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.60£8.90
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender*2x5ltr15N/A£15.99£8.00
936747Roomcare R1 Plus W1192x1.5ltr4N/A£65.00N/A
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2x2.5ltr1N/A£41.80£20.90
968713Jontec 300 QS W22x2.5ltr1uN/A£39.99£20.00
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6x2ltr3N/A£63.49N/A
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2x2.5ltr4N/A£65.00£32.50
988631Soft Care Lux 2in1 Hair&Body 800ml1x65N/A£42.99N/A
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716*1x61N/A£31.99N/A
911023Suma A2 Unison Clar Rinse Aid A.Dse3x4ltr6N/A£109.99N/A
911024Suma G1 Unison Super Deterg A.Dose3x4.5kg6N/A£93.99N/A
941741# Suma Des T30 Safepack W16401x10ltr2N/A£35.00N/A
933166Swan 40cm Swansoft Silver Napkins1x5003N/A£59.99N/A
968668Dunisoft Red Check Towel Napkins 38x54cm1x2502N/A£34.99N/A
970731Dunicel S/cover Festive Charme Red 84cm *5x201uN/A£77.61£17.49
970012Swansoft Banqueting Roll 120cm x 40m1x40mtr4N/A£49.77N/A
900015Swansoft Silver Table Runner 38cm x 12 mtr6x12mtr1N/A£36.19N/A
651915Cif Prof Oven & Grill Cleaner*6x750ml4c 4uN/A£14.46£2.41
690240Plastico Sunlite Black Knife*1x10005uN/A£14.90£1.49
690432Paper Smthie Straw (Wide) Red/White Stripe*40x20024uN/A£57.60£1.44
570528Burgundy Icon 12in Cracker (3)*1x503N/A£15.99N/A
570530Gold Foil Board 12in Cracker (4)*1x503N/A£16.99N/A
570533Silver Foil Board 12in Cracker (4)*1x5011N/A£16.99N/A
570781White Jolly Holly Napkins 33/2*20x1008c 18uN/A£24.99£1.25
570813White Jolly Holly Paper S/Cover*10x251uN/A£33.90£3.39
570861Swansilk Jolly Holly Tablecover*5x101c 2uN/A£44.95£8.99

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