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Clearance List 16th September 2017

Here you will find the very latest clearance products at knock down prices. To have any these products on your next order, simply contact us.

Eggs & Chilled Short Dated And Slow Moving
130125Raw Cooking Chorizo1 x 225g6522/09/2017£1.25
Ambient Short Dated & Delisted
541715Portlebay Lemon Sherbert Popcorn 25g G/F1 x 18220/09/2017£2.99
421018Frank Cooper Fine Cut Marmalade Gls Jar Ptns 28g1 x 96529/09/2017£9.99
360920McD Savoury Scone Mix S/A *4 x 3.5kg0c 3u31/09/2017£12.99
271605Bakers Del G/F Enjoy Twin Choc Cov Wafers 107.5g*1 x 212331/09/2017£4.99
521526Schweppes Lemonade Syrup Pack1 x 7ltr102/10/2017£48.99
521526Schweppes Lemonade Syrup Pack1 x 7ltr109/10/2017£49.99
272234Wicked Cake Co Mixed Cookies1 x 241312/10/2017£10.20
272210Wicked Cake Co Mixed Box B1 x 32816/10/2017£14.39
272226Wicked Cake Co Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice 55g1 x 162517/10/2017£4.89
272215Wicked Cake Co Mixed Box A1 x 32517/10/2017£14.39
440820Heinz Yellow Mild Mustard Table Top S/A8 x 220ml128c 7u21/10/2017£5.99
431035HP Brown Sauce SqueezMe Sachets1 x 1003922/10/2017£9.99
541711Portlebay Lightly Salted Popcorn 15g G/F1 x 8224/10/2017£6.85
272220Wicked Cake Co Rocky Road1 x 162127/10/2017£8.29
272243Wicked Cake Co Lemon Drizzle Cake 42g S/A1 x 90830/10/2017£18.49
523540Ribena Rtd Strawberry Tetra 288ml*1 x 27631/10/2017£9.99
524545 Apple Juice Not From Concentrate (Bag/Box)1 x 5ltr1831/10/2017£7.45
524358Orange Juice Not From Concentrate(Bag/Box)1 x 5ltr1731/10/2017£6.99
490455Oxo Gravy Granules*1 x 25l231/10/2017£14.99
524545 Apple Juice Not From Concentrate (Bag/Box)1 x 5ltr1831/10/2017£6.99
Ambient Slow Moving & Delisted
914547Pidy Corolle 3cm Mini Flower Cups1 x 96308/11/2017£12.99
430240Hellmanns Caesar Creamy Dressing*6 x 1ltr215/11/2017£19.99
300530MacPhie RTU Red Wine Sauce *12 x 1ltr1c 11u17/11/2017£35.99
340227John Morley Rasp&Apple Fruit Filling1 x 2.5kg1219/11/2017£5.99
523595Ribena Very Berry PET 500ml*1 x 12731/11/2017£7.99
912274Glaceau Smart Water PET 600ml1 x 24331/11/2017£6.99
541600P.State Sour Crm&Chive Pretzels 30g1 x 33431/11/2017£9.99
430420Kennys Real Mayonnaise 78% *1 x 5ltr4601/12/2017£4.99
272362Paterson Clotted Crm Shortbread 2's 30g *1 x 48111/12/2017£7.79
270478Coco Pops Coco Bakes 38g *1 x 28817/12/2017£10.29
271610Bakers Delight MyFreeTime G/F 27g (Blue)*1 x 241431/12/2017£7.99
522798Boost Chocolate Protein Milk Drink 310ml *1 x 24531/01/2018£7.60
522799Boost Strawberry Protein Milk Drink 310ml *1 x 8631/01/2018£7.60
541605P.State Orig Sea Salt Pretzels 30g1 x 33331/01/2018£11.49
240140Snacking Essential Fruit & Nut Fusion Shot Pak 25*1 x 16529/02/2018£5.69
212820Twinings Pure Variety Pack Pyramid Teabags *1 x 100229/02/2018£24.49
280610Weetabix Weetos Bag Pack 500g S/A *1 x 8529/02/2018£19.95
240145Snacking Essential Sinless Seeds Shot Pak 25g*1 x 16331/03/2018£6.59
240130Snacking Essential Chocy Ornge Cheer Shot Pak 25g*1 x 16631/03/2018£5.69
525535C.Spring Still Water PET 500ml1 x 242531/03/2018£4.90
240135Snacking Essential P'granate Promise Shot Pak 25g*1 x 16231/03/2018£5.69
990715Sharw RTU Honey&Ginger Sauce2 x 2kg1c 1u31/05/2018£10.19
212515Twinings Assam S&Tag Teabags*5 x 100s2c 3u31/11/2018£28.59
272530Caterlink Twin Cones *1 x 192231/01/2019£8.79
212800Twinings Simply Sencha Pyramid Teabags*4 x 203u31/01/2019£17.10
212805Twinings Earl Pyramid Teabags*4 x 204c 1u02/03/2019£17.10
212810Twinings Full English Pyramid Teabags *4 x 15519/04/2019£12.89
212510Twinings F/T Jackson Env Teabags *6 x 50s2c 2u08/01/2019£17.59
218005DaVinci Gingerbread Coffee Syrup *6 x 1ltr223/01/2019£24.99
212815Twinings Thoroughly Minted Pyramid Teabags*4 x 151c 2u17/05/2019£12.89
525580Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water 750ml1 x 12601/07/2019£7.50
563400Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Wine *6 x 75cl2c 1uNA£47.65
Frozen Slow Moving, Short Dated & Delisted
817730G/G Raw Turkey Breast Fillet Ptn57g *1 x 61631/09/2017£17.99
843419Healthy Option Pork Sausages 8's S/A G/F1 x 4.54kg805/10/2017£9.99
820540Delifrance Maple & Pecan Plait 95g u/b *1 x 48125/12/2017£22.45
852617Daloon Mini Samosa Selection 30g *1 x 90931/01/2018£11.80
843075Marlow Quorn Sausage Patties 42g S/A *1 x 55c 1u31/01/2018£35.00
807533Aunt Bessie Homestyle Roast Potatoes *5 x 2.5kg231/01/2018£16.25
821509Rob Hot Cross Buns *1 x 48431/01/2018£12.60
837337PLane Steak & Ale Pie 227g U/B *1 x 18510/02/2018£23.99
848775Aunt Bessie Bitesize Yorkshire Pudding 1.5in *6 x 100229/02/2018£13.90
822532Bagel Nash Cheese & Jalapeno Bagel 115g S/A*1 x 48301/03/2018£15.20
820550Delifrance Cinnamon Swirl 90g u/b *1 x 60102/03/2018£25.70
820545Delifrance Chocolate Twist 100g u/b *1 x 60 513/03/2018£40.50
822538Bagel Nash Poppy Seed Bagel 115gF/B S/A *1x48218/03/2018£11.30
888910Vanier Ind Lemon & Lime Zing Desrt *1 x 16ptn223/03/2018£28.99
800183Aunt Bessie Honey Roast Parsnips G/F *12 x 1kg1c 4u31/03/2018£22.99
822540Bagel Nash Cinnamon&Raisin Bagel 115g F/B S/A *1 x 48920/04/2018£15.20
816525Whitby Creel Prawns Brd Hot & Spicy *5 x 450g6c 1u31/04/2018£22.50
817730G/G Raw Turkey Breast Fillet Ptn57g *1 x 61631/05/2018£30.60
892050Cool Chocolate Ripple Sundae 200ml G/F *1 x 12101/06/2018£5.20
891899Mondelez Oreo Cookie Stick 100ml *1 x 20231/06/2018£16.50
847326MPark Crunchy Min Chicken Fillet *1 x 2kg831/06/2018£16.20
Non-Food Slow Moving & Delisted
671173Lotus Mini JustOne T/top Nap 8x24cm*1 x 80002N/A£19.50
690143R/Bouts Branded 12oz Takeaway Cups*1 x 6001N/A£44.65
690243Plastico Sunlite Black Fork*1 x 10002N/A£13.59
690270Wooden Skewers 250mm*1 x 5049uN/A£51.99
650660Santabs Salad Wash Tablets 200's*1 x 65uN/A£5.89
690240Plastico Sunlite Black Knife*1 x 10003N/A£13.99
690147Sip-Thru Lid-For 12oz R/Bouts*1 x 10001N/A£28.10
690246Plastico Sunlite Black Dessert Spoon*1 x 10002N/A£13.15
900115Ecolab Topmatic Crystal GB Special Glasswash*4 x 5ltr4N/A£72.00
640317Selden Cabinet Glass Wash*4 x 5ltr4N/A£10.60
640348# Brite Auto Dishwash Detergent*1 x 20ltr1N/A£10.99
900120Ecolab Toprinse Crystal Rins Aditiv *4 x 5ltr1c 2uN/A£58.80
900250Ecolab Foaming Trigger - Red*1 x 1210N/A£4.90
900545Ecolab KitchenPro Manual *2 x 2ltr2N/A£51.00
900375Ecolab Oasis Pro 56 Premium Deodour Floral Fresh *2 x 2ltr1N/A£121.00
900680Ecolab FOH Maxx Brial2 Surface Cleaner 5ltr *1 x 21N/A£27.10
900240Ecolab Blue Flip Top Caps1 x 122N/A£2.50
900210Ecolab Oasis Pro 14 Premium Bottles*1 x 120c 8uN/A£9.00
650305# Ecolab Oasis Pro 16 Prem MP Clnr*2 x 2ltr2c 1uN/A£85.75
900285# Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Prem Glas Cln2 x 2ltr1N/A£92.55
651605Ecolab Wash n Walk Bio Floor Cleanr*2 x 5ltr1uN/A£62.59
671157Swansoft Napkins Mountain Pine 40cm*10 x 509uN/A£32.59
976767Dunicel D/Green Table Covers 125cm1 x 501N/A£38.99
651314Cif Power Cleaner Degreaser*2 x 5ltr14N/A£11.40
671140Dunilin Kiwi Napkins 40cm*12 x 507N/A£58.90
650645Taski Sani Des QS*2 x 2.5ltr1N/A£41.79
640407Ecolab Apex Rinse 1.1kg*1 x 25N/A£141.40
640310Ecolab Apex Ultra Machine Detergent 3.1kg*1 x 21N/A£101.15
640160K.Master 803 Bact Washing Up Liquid*4 x 5ltr3c 2uN/A£22.19
640313Ecolab Apex Manual Solid Detergent 1.36kg*1 x 24N/A£71.85
640110Ecolab Assert Lemon Hand Dshwsh Liq*2 x 5ltr6c 1uN/A£23.70
631425Colour In Sheet & Crayons*1 x 1007N/A£21.60
630440Medium Kraft Box*1 x 1503N/A£18.30
630405Kraft Sandwich Wedge*1 x 5005N/A£40.20
570894Duni Winter Charme Creme Napk 33/3*4 x 2502c 2uN/A£22.20
900175# Ecolab Mould Ex Mould Stain Remov*4 x 1ltr1uN/A£24.70
900200Ecolab Sapur B Oil/Fat Spot Remover*6 x 500ml1N/A£23.85
900145# Ecolab Mikro Chlor Shakers Sanitr*12 x 500g1c 9uN/A£26.90
900170Ecolab Copper Shine Special Polish*6 x 500ml1N/A£21.90
900600Ecolab Turbo Usona*1 x 20kg1N/A£42.70
900650Ecolab Brial Maxx 2 Bottles*110N/A£2.20
900655Ecolab Maxx Into Bottles*112N/A£2.20
900635Ecolab Eco-Bac Wipes (200s)*1 x 63N/A£52.20
900605Ecolab Turbi Saprit Style*1 x 20kg1N/A£58.99
900570Ecolab Des Special Bottle 650ml*1 x 122N/A£11.00
900405Ecolab Freshcare 56 *4 x 1ltr1c & 2uN/A£105.50
900415Ecolab Bathcare 60 *4 x 1ltr3uN/A£83.50
900500# Ecolab Lime Away Special *4 x 1ltr4N/A£50.00
900540Ecolab Solid Clear Dry Clean *2 x 1kg1N/A£136.99
900515Ecolab Helios Brill Cream Cleaner 500ml *1 x 61N/A£27.99
900425Ecolab Allguard 10 Bottles *1 x 12 1N/A£12.99
900440Ecolab Freshcare 56 Bottles *1 x 121N/A£12.99
570730Dunicel Xmas Dream Slip Cover 84cm5 x 204N/A£74.99
570898Dunicel Winter Charme Cream Slip Cover 84cm5 x 201c & 3uN/A£76.00
631210Allergen Starter Kit3 x 1kit4N/A£79.99
570879Duni Stella Green Napkin 33/2 *16 x 12516c 15uN/A£46.95
700320Lotus/Tork Centre Feed Wipe 2ply 157m *1 x 620N/A£13.95
900310# Ecolab Lime-A-Way Extra Limescalr*2 x 5ltr1 uN/A£45.55
900365Ecolab Oasis Pro 40 Premium Bottles*1 x 1211uN/A£9.40
900325# Ecolab Greasestrip Plus Gel Degrs*3 x 1.3ltr1c 2uN/A£37.25
967147Dunilin Glittering Stars Creme Napkins 40cm5 x 501N/A£28.99
963335Taski Sani Calc QC*2 x 2.5ltr4N/A£65.00
977888Tork Linstyle White Cutlery Bag Napkin4 x 603N/A£30.35
900290Ecolab Oasis Pro 59 Premium Deodour *2 x 2ltr1N/A£99.50
700812Bio Tech Recycled Conv Toilet Roll *1 x 643N/A£9.60
710515Gentelle Bath Foam Ocean Spray *6 x 1ltr3uN/A£4.50
915664Dunisoft Plum Napkins 40cm12 x 602N/A£59.00
641060#Delphis Eco Heavy Duty Degreaser*6 x 750ml1c 4uN/A£10.39
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.58
641035GreenBlue Dtgt Fliptop Bottle 500ml *16N/A£1.00
650155Merlin Jade Antibacterial Air Frsh *6 x 1ltr4uN/A£8.60
650609Dettol Prof Surface Cleanser *8 x 2ltr3c 4uN/A£29.99
670263Duni Silk T/cover 120cm Drk Green *1 x 503N/A£48.00
700171EnMotion 2ply White Hand Towel *1 x 63N/A£38.00
652625K.Master Reload No9 Bathroom Clnr*4 x 2ltr3N/A£38.19
652630K.Mast Reload No10 W/Up Liq Sup Con*4 x 2ltr1c 3uN/A£35.59
652610K.Master Reload No5 All Purp Disinf*4 x 2ltr1uN/A£38.79
650130Brite Air Fresh&Odour Neut Trigger Sp Breeze*6 x 750ml10c 1uN/A£5.50
910240H2 SoftCare Mild Hndwash 800ml W716*1 x 61N/A£30.29
933133Suma Cafe Clean C2.4*6 x 2ltr4N/A£63.49
652620K.Master Reload No8 Room Fragrance*4 x 2ltr1N/A£38.59
650840Brite W/Room Clean & Sanit Sp Breeze*2 x 5ltr16c 1uN/A£4.40
651607Brite Floor Clean&Maintain Lavender*2 x 5ltr15N/A£5.70
651620Brite Floor Polish Lavender*2 x 5ltr22c 1uN/A£15.99
660530Brite Bio Laundry Detergent Strawb&Lily*2 x 5ltr8N/A£4.69
652335Brite Stainless Steel Clean Trigger*6 x 750ml6c 2uN/A£3.99
652515Brite Sink&Drain Unblocker w/ Lem Fresh Gel2 x 5ltr23N/A£6.50
660530Brite Bio Laundry Detergent Strawb&Lily*2 x 5ltr8N/A£5.50

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